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When’s the Right Time for a Website Facelift?

Change in the tech industry is fast and unrelenting. There’s a new iPhone with a different screen size and features every year; every time you turn on your PC, it seems like there’s a new version of Windows to install; not to mention, Facebook and other social media outlets are always releasing updates in both features and function. All this constant digital change puts an immense pressure on businesses to keep up with the tech giants. But refreshing your website is a big investment of both time and money -- how do you know if it’s the right time for you to make a big update?

When it’s time for a Website Refresh:

The messaging is ineffective:

  • Your website is arguably the place where you do most marketing for your company. Is the branding and marketing strategy on your website clear, cohesive, and up to date? You have full control to tell your company’s story – are you doing that effectively? What makes your company unique? Is that reflected on your website? These are all questions you can ask yourself when you’re thinking about a website refresh. To determine some of these same things on a practical level, review your website’s analytics to truly test its effectiveness. Are visitors staying on your site to view your content, or are they immediately bouncing? You can also take the opportunity to perform an SEO audit or ADA audit to test for other potential weaknesses in your site.

The content is outdated or overflowing:

  • Maybe when you first had your website built, you were excited to finally have the chance to publish as much information as you could about your company. As a result, your website may now appear crowded, with countless subpages and a confusing site directory. One reason that many companies undergo a website refresh is to “bring order to the chaos.” By refreshing your website, you give yourself the time and opportunity to comb through the information and determine what’s really necessary. Right now, simple and elegant website themes are the trend – maybe it’s time to give your website an updated look.

The site isn’t mobile-friendly:

  • If your website was built several years ago, there’s a good chance that it may not be entirely responsive for use across multiple devices. If you’re not sure – look for lots of empty space on the sides of your website. This is a sign that your site was built to inefficiently allow for both mobile and desktop usage. Updating your website can take advantage of updates in coding technology that will maximize usable space on any screen and make overall user experience better.

Old computer covered in dust

When it’s time to reassess a Website Update:

You’re in a rush:

  • A website refresh is not something to rush into or take lightly. This will be a time and laborintensive project. If you’re unsure or you have unrealistic expectations for a timeline, maybe take a step back to reconsider what you want to accomplish.

You don’t want to consider the upkeep:

  • There’s a large number of people that can design and launch a new website for you, but it’s important to consider the upkeep your website will require. This doesn’t just mean content updates, but technical backend items as well. You should choose a company that will adapt with the times and take your website with them.

Are you ready to the take the plunge? If you think you’re ready to refresh your website, or maybe even start over, contact HighRock to get started!