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What We Love About Slack's New Logo

If your office is anything like HighRock’s, you probably noticed Slack’s new logo immediately when it launched several weeks ago. Slack took the initiative that many of us may need to take for our business; they updated a logo that was not working for them. And we love what they’ve done! But, how can you know when it’s time to move on and re-fresh? Take a lesson from Slack and their recent refresh:


 Comparison of the new slack logo and the old slack logo

What Slack’s New Logo Got Right

It simplified the complex. Slack’s logo update simplified the colors in the design; they went from 11 to 5. Their previous design made it easy to get the logo wrong. If placed on a colored background or at a different angle than the original, the logo was incorrect. The new logo doesn’t feature any overlapping colors or difficult angles. From their app icon to tee-shirts, their new logo will be easier to print and to share.

Their logo is growing with them. One of the reasons for Slack’s new logo is their plan to go public. At HighRock, we like to say that your logo should tell your story. Even though companies change as the years go by, the logo should represent the company, including the changes and growth that its undergone. Another good time to think about a new logo is if a merger or acquisition has recently taken place.

They didn’t let themselves become outdated. Just like you can tell an olive-green bathroom has gone out of style, people can tell when your logo is dated. Slack didn’t sit idly by and let their logo become irrelevant; they proactively launched a new logo. The font in their new logo features sharper, bolder edges, giving it a modern feel. Many companies, take Google for instance, do some sort of refresh every five years to keep things fresh and remain proactive.

It stands out in the crowd. Although Slack’s logo refresh focused on simplifying, they didn’t eliminate all of the elements that sets the logo apart. They cut down the amount of colors in the design, but the new pinwheel design kept a color combination (bright shades of red, blue, green, and yellow on a purple background) that draws attention to itself. Simplifying doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Who Else is Doing It Right?

HighRock recently helped Bitner Henry, a local insurance agency, go through a similar process to Slack’s. Their old logo was very simple and had become outdated. The team at Bitner Henry wanted a logo that updated their look and told their brand’s story. Their logo redesign, featuring a modernized eagle on a shield, symbolized Bitner Henry’s brand story – they provide protection and guidance to their clients through their insurance. The copper color of the logo provides a sense of history but doesn’t make the logo feel dated. Finally, the stained-glass imagery adds feeling of history that the logo carries as well as a subtle nod to the Bitner Henry’s family’s values and to some of the clients they represent – churches. Bitner Henry knew it was time for their logo to get a facelift, so they didn’t hesitate in implementing a design that moved them into the modern era and set them apart.


Comparison of the new Bitner Henry logo and the old logo

Are you ready to fall in love with a new logo? We’re excited to tell your story; get in contact with the team at HighRock.