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Virtual Reality: From Gaming to the Real World

The world of virtual reality is no longer limited to the gaming industry.

VR used to be a new innovation, facing initial barriers due to expensive specialized hardware and software. That was a mere 10 years ago, and times have changed. Now VR can be easily and cost-effectively utilized via...

  • Smartphones
  • Tablet and desktop devices
  • Inexpensive headsets

Even Google has a cardboard VR headset you can buy on the cheap!

The transition of VR to the field of marketing and development is helping to pave the way for future projects. VR can be used from remote locations, and allow multiple people to have a shared visual experience. It has already established the possibility of having a medical professional in Germany perform surgery on someone in Los Angeles through VR tech and robotics. The only limit in VR’s usage is the imagination.

VR in the marketing world can be embraced by allowing clients to virtually engage with a product, or explore an environment yet to be built. This technology provides the ability to rapidly iterate design, without initial investment in physical assets to support a marketing effort. Everything is a portable, digital medium which can be modified in real time—all while cutting costs.

Man explaining VR products to a couple of women.

We recently developed a VR application for a client to showcase new yacht designs to their prospective clients. This company was in the process of redesigning a new fleet of yachts—at a hefty price point of $15 million per unit. At this point, the yacht production was still many months away, but the designs were finalized.

The ability to capitalize on the preproduction market was a no-brainer for them. Using VR, they were able to make a small investment to produce a virtual experience of their yachts to potential buyers. This not only allowed them to save money in production, but it boosted sales by allowing buyers to virtually customize a yacht and place an order that reflected the amenities and specs of their choosing.

Utilizing VR technology for your company, can increase sales by...

  • Allowing for a virtual "see it before you buy" experience with customization
  • Providing demonstrations for products in production or yet to be produced
  • Giving your clients the opportunity to evaluate products in a virtual environment

Embracing VR will ultimately help your company gain greater momentum with clients and serve as a rapid introduction to what your brand is all about. Customers can learn how to use a product, train on a piece of equipment—or maybe even play a branded game or two in the virtual world.

How you want to use VR is up to you—the possibilities are virtually endless.
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