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Understanding SEO for Y-O-U

Many of the companies who inquire about HighRock’s search engine optimization services (aka – “SEO services”) have the same first question: “How can we get to the top of Google’s search results?”

Picture this: You are sitting at your desk and curiously Google your company’s name. What do you imagine will come up first? Does that first search result excite or disappoint you? Now, try it for real—in another tab. Go ahead, really… I’ll wait.

Was the result everything you hoped for?

SEO can be one of the most confusing digital platforms for businesses to understand. If you’ve been told that having a great website will automatically give you top placement on Google or Bing (every time you would like), then unfortunately someone lied to you. While your website might have all the latest bells and whistles—all of which probably cost you a good amount of money, time, sweat and tears to build—it just isn’t going to perform miracles.

Think of this analogy: To lose weight and tone your body to achieve your maximum results for a preferred “Beach Bod”, you have to work at it. It not only takes time, but an educated professional to support you, the correct diet, exercise, sleep, and other factors to reach your level of success. SEO works the exact same way.

Similarly, the frustration and anger in wanting to see fast results with weight loss or toning might occur with your website too. You may remember hearing people mention SEO at some point, but you were never really educated on what it actually meant… or were maybe too afraid to ask? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing have algorithms (Definition: AlgorithmNoun; a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer), that populate information based on a variety of data points.

While that may not be the most exciting sentence ever written, behind it is a wealth of knowledge that can save you heartache the next time you search for your company online. These algorithms that search engines use basically make an educated guess on the information that best matches what you may be searching for. And let’s be honest, they are getting scary good at it!

So, now what?

This is where SEO steps in. These algorithms focus on how SEO relates to your website, and other sites around the Internet—including your competitors.

HighRock has an in-depth strategic process called Digital Needs Analysis we offer businesses to uncover what SEO issues they might be facing. This analysis was developed to help educate businesses on why SEO is an important part of their overall business marketing strategy. The analysis is formed from a series of questions—mixed with a ton of research—that provides report-driven data to give the business a recommendation for optimal search engine success!

Within the Digital Needs Analysis process, we:

  • Take a look at Google Analytics to see what drives traffic to your site
  • Help you better understand how information is populated on search engines
  • Lay out the different factors that go into your search engine ranking
  • Work with you to identify specific goals and make recommendations—giving reasonable expectations, timelines, and benchmarks for success

The outcome of the entire process is focused on giving you a framework around which to build your SEO strategy, making it easier for your site to be found online.

An important thing to remember is that seeing results from SEO takes time—it’s a marathon, not a sprint. But with clearly defined metrics in place for how to measure success, you’ll start seeing results—and more traffic to your site.

The time and money you invest into creating outstanding content, promoting that content, and restructuring your site for SEO will pay dividends. The only choice you have now is when you want to begin (just like that beach body). At HighRock, we can help you navigate the always-changing, ever-evolving world that is the information highway—and we won’t leave you sitting on the side of the road!