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Uncommon Uses for Your Brand Video

A great video about your company can change everything; video can explain information quickly and easily. Video can also be repurposed; one concept can be repeatedly used across all your marketing platforms. One day of production around one central idea can lead to multiple versions and cuts of the same material to be used for every outlet for different purposes. In addition to placing the tried and true TV ads and your regular social media posts, think about implementing your video in these other ways:

Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are videos or photos that you can share with all of your followers. Brands are building out their stories and saving them to their page to create lasting campaigns. You’ll see these campaigns as icons on a brand’s Instagram page.

Facebook Headers:

You can freshen up your Facebook profile by uploading a video to be your Header image. This gives your page some movement and encourages visitors to spend another minute on your page to watch your video.

Website Branding:

Having a video as part of your slider or somewhere else on your homepage brings a lot of life to your page. This is a great attention grabber and can relay information about your brand identity clearly and quickly.

Pre-roll Ads:

These are the ads that play before most video content (like YouTube or Hulu) on the internet. With the soaring popularity of online video platforms, this is a great way to get your name and brand out into the public consciousness.

Camera man filming in front of fishtank

Lobby Video/Video Wall:

Think about bringing video right into your office! If you’re not quite ready for a stateof-the-art video wall, consider a TV screen in the lobby to showcase your company’s video. This gives visitors, potential customers, and even employees the chance to become more familiar with your company.

Annual Report:

Studies have shown that most executives would rather learn information via video than by reading. Having an annual report video made is an impressive way to show your company’s progress and keep executives interested.


Video is a great way to quickly explain what your company does and how it works. You can also showcase your current staff and facilities. Consider taking your video to job fairs or playing it for potential job candidates.

If you’re interested in expanding your marketing efforts with video, reach out to the team at HighRock. No matter how you choose to use your video, it’s a powerful marketing tool that has unlimited potentials.