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Time for Spring Cleaning

With the long nights and snowy days of winter behind us, many of us will begin airing out our homes and clearing out the corners in the age-old tradition of spring cleaning. HighRockers got an early start on our spring cleaning this year when we were hired by long-term client, the Alliance for Consumer Education to help build the “Healthy Starts at Home” campaign. The HSAH campaign included graphic design, video production, and a customized website. Take an inside look at our creative process and get inspired to jumpstart your own spring cleaning!

Tidying Up Campaign Goals

The Healthy Starts at Home campaign is focused on teaching new parents, young teens, or anyone who may be charge of their own space for the first time how to take care of their home. Whatever that space may be – a room, house, or apartment – Healthy Starts at Home is aimed at providing education on ways to clean and care for the home, as well as cleaning product use and safety. There are countless surfaces and areas that need to be cleaned and cared for and HSAH strives to match users to cleaning products that have a proven track record at killing germs and bacteria and that will keep their families safe and healthy. With these goals in mind, we set out to develop a toolkit for the client that could connect with and educate their audiences.

Graphic Design and Web Coding Clean Up

Creating the home and secondary pages for the HSAH website proved to be a fun challenge for our designers. They were tasked with branding a consumer-focused interface that would engage readers and make them want to read the content on the website. They came up with a photo-driven slider at the top of the homepage with a responsive “keep reading” button that grows when you hover above it.

Screenshot of the Healthy Starts at Home Website

The design, paired with the backend work of the web team, allows for effortless interaction on the part of the user. It’s easy to choose an article, sort pieces by category, search for content, and share posts directly to social media channels. The site is full of subtle touches to elevate the experience of using it. Other, secondary design pieces for the HSAH campaign also included handouts, social media content, and banner stands.

Infographic for the Healthy Starts at Home Campaign featuring a house

Clearing the Air on Video Production

The video our team produced for the Healthy Starts at Home campaign features information on the proper and safe use of air care products. The first company to spearhead the campaign was Febreeze, so their products are featured in the video. This particular video is a great example of high production set; we hired actors, had a dedicated set, and produced a complete storyboard with multiple rounds of approval from different stakeholders, including Febreeze.

The video fit easily on the website since the video and the website had the same goal: to reduce product misuse. The video’s tagline, “Let’s clear the air” promotes education and awareness, just like the original slogan for the HSAH campaign – “Life doesn’t come with an instruction label, but fortunately our products do. Read the label, be ready for life.”

If this inspires you, then check out the HSAH website to learn more about home care or contact the HighRock team to freshen up your own marketing campaign!