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So, Tell Me About Your Logo…

A logo is an immediate representation of your brand. Not only does it easily identify your company, but it tells the story of where you’ve been—and where you’re going. When developing logos, your company’s culture and where you come from should play a major role.

For HighRock, an irreplaceable piece of who we are is rooted in our location – Maryland. We not only wanted our name to highlight our sense of local pride, but also showcase the Maryland “spirit”. Known for its historical landmarks, national parks and outdoors destinations – we’ve always associated Maryland with a sense of adventure, exploration, and pushing the boundaries. Whether you’re peering across the Baltimore waterfront or hang gliding over the summit of High Rock overlook in Cascade, many of our team’s favorite spots in Maryland offer the perfect opportunity gain a new perspective. Thus – “HighRock Studios” was born.

HighRock Studios Logo

See the connection building already?

The original tagline for HighRock was “Move to the Edge”—speaking to our desire to push ourselves and our clients beyond the boundaries of traditional approaches to marketing. The original logo and branding incorporated the community, the local landmark, and our passion for the outdoors. It was unique and wasn’t something typically seen at the time. Just as important was the fact that the logo could stand on its own, and you could immediately connect the image with the brand.

The original logo had a rustic, outdoorsy feel that immediately connected clients with who we are and what we enjoy.

But then things changed. Although we started out as a company focused on web, design and video-based solutions, we began to expand our services beyond what a small “studio” could contain. So, we did what many companies do in a time of transition—we rebranded.

HighRock Logo

We like to look at everything we do from a brand perspective. It is less about just doing a logo, and more about the story that logo tells. There is an entire story and perception behind a logo that makes the connection to why it stands for a specific business. As we progressed as a company, our story started a new chapter—and our logo needed an upgrade.

Instead of scrapping our logo and starting from scratch, we decided the best course of action would be to adapt what we already had into a more professional, sharp feel that was sleek and digital-friendly.

When we developed the most recent version, we wanted to create a timeless icon. As we began to reevaluate who we were as a company, three characteristics stood out…


Those three elements were the focus of HighRock as a brand. Each of those individual points circled around a desire to create positive results for our clients.

HR Strategy, Creative, Technology

This is how we approach all the work we do for our clients. We are their partner and an extension of their business. Through this approach, we take our client’s perspective and overlap it with our own, yielding the most positive possible results.

Our logo is the last piece that defines who we are and what we do—even if it is the first thing people see.

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