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Project Highlight: Auto Spa Express

How do you get customers interested a product that you can’t actually show them? Maybe your product is too big, too small, too far away, or too dangerous. Or maybe it doesn’t even exist yet. That is a great opportunity to utilize 3D renders in your marketing. 3D renders are the perfect tool to showcase the possibilities of a product that you can’t actually show to the customer (yet). That’s exactly what we did for the Frederick Auto Spa Express.

Wash Lube Repair, or WLR Automotive, is a locally owned and operated company that founded and runs The Auto Spa and Auto Spa Express, The Lube Center, and The Auto Repair. Their business model is founded on “changing lives, one neighbor at a time.” Throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania, WLR has opened over 20 locations dedicated to serving clients with a variety of car-related needs.

The Auto Spa Express is an original concept to WLR; they weren’t opening a location of a franchise that could send them ready-made marketing materials. They needed a way to get investors and future clients on board before they even had a proposed location for their newest Auto Spa Express.  This is where our 3D team was able to step in and create a render. That’s one of the beauties of 3D technology; you can demonstrate a good customer experience for something that doesn’t exist yet.

3D Render of AutoSpa at twilight

Once WLR had decided on the location for their Auto Spa Express, we created another set of renders to match the final architectural files for the area. We decided that twilight was the best time to set the render at; it’s easy to see inside the building, which was important in making customers feel welcome and the lights of building are shining brightly.

Now that the Auto Spa Express in Frederick is officially open, we're loving comparing our render to the real deal:

Exterior photo of the Autospa

If you’re interested in visiting the newly opened Auto Spa Express, visit their website to find out more details about locations and hours. If you think 3D renderings might be the perfect tool for your next big project, email us here to get started.