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Meet the Art Director: Jeremy Bohner

A Graphic Designer in the Making

Jeremy Bohner has always been into art. Whether it was an organic or computerized medium, he always seemed to have a knack for it. Jeremy saw a future for himself in the intersection of art and computer technology. His father was an engineer and his great aunt was an artist, so being a graphic designer is something that he always thought made sense for himself.

After high school, Jeremy knew that he wanted to pursue a path that utilized his artistic talents but was still undecided on his career path. He attended Hagerstown Community College and took Design courses. From there, Jeremy got an art scholarship to Frostburg State University, where he finished his degree in Graphic Design. While at Frostburg, Jeremy dipped his toes into many mediums, even becoming the web designer for the student news.

After college, Jeremy found a design job pretty quickly, working for a local company. He also did freelance work on the side, which helped him get his foot in the door for professional job experience. Working his way up, Jeremy eventually became creative director at the company. He describes the experience as very similar to HighRock – they worked with a variety of local business clients to provide design solutions.

When that chapter was drawing to a close, Jeremy happened to meet with Rich Daughtridge, who offered him a job at HighRock. As Art Director and Partner at HighRock, Jeremy is heavily invested in the type and quality of our work.

An Art Director’s Approach to His Work

When talking about the standard for his work, Jeremy found it easy to point to one of HighRock’s core values: Put your name on it. “If I wouldn’t use it personally, I wouldn’t put it out there for a client,” he says. Whether it’s a brochure or a shirt, it has to feel usable and unique. Jeremy describes this feeling as a gut connection that has to work for both designer and client.

For Jeremy, design is about getting to the heart of what is aesthetically pleasing. “I always pick everything apart to figure out how it could be better,” he says. With any type of work he does – be it design work at HighRock and his yard work at home, Jeremy pinpoints his perfectionist attitude as both a gift and a curse. “It’s a great immediate satisfaction when something comes out right. It’s very cool seeing things come together polished and finished.”

“HighRock’s dedication to high quality and unique work is built into our core values,” says Jeremy. One of HighRock’s greatest strength is balance – finding the perfect fit of creativity, technology, and innovation. “When we start a project, we are always thinking about the endgame and final result for the client. We always ask ourselves what will be the best result for them.”