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Marketers, Let's take it word by word

As marketers, we are each the internal spokesperson of hope in our companies.

Marketers focus on the long-term, the 10,000 foot view.
Marketers architect campaigns to capture future earnings, and plan how current advertisement will generate results a year from now.

When it’s so frightening right now, how do marketers prepare for a future that will be brighter? How do we carry on with our positive marketing messages without feeling dishonest?

Word by word.

Remember the essential pillars of communication and marketing:

  • Speak clearly
  • Speak honestly
  • Speak often.

We have a responsibility to our businesses and our families to keep going. You aren’t dishonest, you aren’t inauthentic. Maybe you’re posting less often, maybe the campaigns have a gentle shift, though we need to keep going.

Man starting across valleys

The world feels noisy, and we need to stay steady and keep going, word by word.

HighRock has a few posts upcoming that will hopefully serve as references to help get you through this challenging time. As always, let us know how we can help.

Thanks so much,
Katie & the HighRock Team.