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Logo Development Case Study: Merritt Properties Green-Build

Merritt Green-BuildLogo development can be one of the most difficult and subjective areas of design. And arguably, it’s one of the most important when trying to introduce a new identity. Everything about your company’s image—how your company is perceived by consumers—must be distilled down to a single powerful mark.

We approach logo design with a simple goal: that the logo be timeless. In other words, changes to the logo should never be needed (except of course in the event of a name change or other major business shift). Each time a customer sees your logo, you gain recognition and build more equity in your brand. Continued tinkering with your logo can be detrimental to brand equity because you are, in effect, asking your customers to remember something new each time. So it’s critical to get it right the first time…then leave it alone.

Logo development is complex. It’s sometimes hard to determine exactly what a client wants, but an initial discussion with the client is a great way to get details on preferences, color schemes, and the overall personality of the business. We consider all the possibilities and don’t limit ourselves to just one or two ideas.

An important factor in logo design is typography. The font family can significantly influence the look and feel of a logo. Font families vary greatly, and the possibilities are endless—so it’s important to get it right the first time. We typically start with 20-30 fonts based on the business identity and industry.

Brainstorming and quick sketches are a great way to start a design direction. These ideas can turn into effective iconic elements that can be paired with the right font. We generally develop 3-4 logos for a client and explain each design approach. If one isn’t perfect, elements from different designs can sometimes be combined.

With a wide variety of ideas and a good understanding of the client, logo development can be a key factor in correctly placing a business in the public eye.

Along with this blog posting I’ve included and highlighted the new branding structure of Merritt Green-Build. This structure introduces a strong balance between modern construction and green building techniques. It’s a good representation of what Merritt Green-Build represents and also accents their iconic Merritt “M."

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