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ID Your Visitors with Google Analytics

Monitoring your websites’ traffic is just as important as creative design, useful information, and user-friendly functionality. As part of our website development process, our team incorporates Google Analytics reporting to help you monitor various metrics. These quarterly reports provide a snapshot of what's happening on your site and can help you make important decisions regarding strategy and website enhancements.

Two frequently asked questions are:

  • How many people are visiting my website?
  • How are people getting to my website?

When you receive your quarterly report, what are the most important items to review to get a better understanding of your visitors?


The total number of visits your website has received during the selected timeframe, regardless of whether they’re a new or returning visitor.

Visits by Visitor Type

The percentage of new and returning visitors. "New" means this was the first time they visited your website during the selected timeframe. "Returning" means the same person (or, more accurately, the same device) visiting your site multiple times during that period.

Visits by Traffic Type 

A visual of how the person reached your website.

  • Direct means the person entered your URL directly.
  • Organic means they entered keywords or phrases into Google and your website was listed in the search engine results.
  • Referral means they reached your site by clicking a link from another website.

This data can tell you a number of things, like if your SEO/SEM efforts are working or need to be shifted for search engine results. 

Visits and Pageviews on Mobile

The number that corresponds with "no" means the person is using a desktop; "yes" is a phone or tablet. Sessions refer to the number of visitors, while pageviews show how many pages were viewed during those sessions. Knowing what method your audience is using to access your site is important. For example, if the majority of your audience is using mobile or tablet, you'll want to make sure your site is responsive for easier viewing on mobile devices.

A general understanding of your Google Analytics report is imperative to knowing what's useful on your website and what may need to be updated.