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How Do You Design for Designers?

Imagine being asked to paint Leonardo da Vinci’s house. Do you think the man behind the Mona Lisa would have a few opinions about the color of his walls?

Often times, businesses turn to HighRock because they DON’T have a visual eye. They rely on our graphic designers to capture the story of their company in a logo or brand.

That wasn’t the case when Kim and Scott Bowen walked through HighRock’s doors. As the owners of MSB Architects, they needed a new website and they wanted us to build it. We were honored, considering some of MSB’s impressive projects, including the new art center at Saint James’ School or the renovated fire house in downtown Hagerstown that they have transformed into their company headquarters.

Designing for Designers

As a marketing firm, HighRock has a lot in common with an architecture firm. While we build brands, architects design buildings. Whether it’s a website or a skyscraper, we both rely on a creative eye to design something that is both pleasing and practical.

We knew that whatever we designed for MSB Architects needed to cater to both their expertise and taste. We built every page on the website with responsive features. Lines glide in and buttons expand. Each section intuitively feeds into the next one, guiding the reader through the company’s story. These animated features, combined with the sleek and modern design of the website, proved to be the perfect collaboration between HighRock and MSB’s design aesthetics.

Screenshot of the MSB website showing how one section transitions into the next

A Focus on More Than the Work

MSB wanted their website to offer more than just a portfolio of their work. After all, any architect is going to fill their website with images of their best designs. The Bowens wanted to take it a step farther and demonstrate how they offer each client a personalized experience. And so HighRock not only captured video of MSB’s architects on various job sites, we also built a customized page to explain the company’s process.

Screen Shot of the Process Page on the MSB website

Another important feature for MSB was their blog page. MSB loves being able to share interesting content about their business and their work with their clients, so we designed an easy-to-use page that they could regularly update with content.

Screen Shot of the Blog Page on the MSB website

A Website for Multiple Audiences

Although MSB is a local firm, their audience is far reaching. The site needed to be familiar and comfortable for professionals in the building industry but also needed to be wide ranging and professional enough to attract clients that may not already be familiar with MSB’s work. This meant that we focused on design features that were easy to use, but still looked sleek and professional.

Stay tuned for a full case study on MSB’s complete rebrand, including their logo, print materials, and other branded items.