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How AR Technology is Helping Shape the Future of Home

A few weeks ago, I was a part of the team from HighRock that had the opportunity to attend the Future of Home ConfeAudience at the Future of Home Conference listening on speaker on stagerence in New York City. We had a ton of fun at the conference, and our team got to learn more about new design and digital trends. The best part, though, was that we had the opportunity to build a collaborative VR experience for attendees to try, using design elements and pieces from some of the other vendors present.

The VR experiences that we build for most customers are built for customer-ease. The user is able to switch furniture and finishes, but the system automatically scrolls through options. For the Future of Home, we wanted designers to be able to do what they do best – design. So, we rebuilt the entire user interface system for our AR experience. Instead of clicking a button to scroll through options, users could select an object and trigger an animated menu that allowed them to view and select different options.

For the walls, we loaded the Color Trends of 2019 from Benjamin Moore. We rendered rugs from Annie Selke, lamps from Currey & Company, other furniture from Universal, and the Google Home and Nest Thermostat.

VR Render of home interior

VR Render of home interior

HighRock employees and conference attendees using a VR headsetCreating an AR experience with customizable options is a pretty typical project for us. However, we usually have design files to work from; renders are based on annotated drawings of furniture and other décor details from the client. This project was unique: we modeled items from scratch, based on photos of products from each vendor’s website.

The VR experience was a hit! Designers remarked on how easy it was to switch details and move furniture immediately and not have to wait for a new render. We also built a feature that allowed designers to pre-build several schemes and instantly switch between them, which is a great feature to use with their clients. There was no need to choose every small detail every time, source the materials, and create a material board; everything was easily and immediately accessible.

Want to get started on setting some 2020 trends? The team at HighRock can help! Check out our other 3D work and give us a call.