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Hiring Top Talent: 4 Qualities of a Rockstar Team

Building an effective team is a top priority for just about every employer. After all, the driving force behind every great company is the team making it all work. When you’re looking to add a new team member, whether you need some extra hands around the busy season, or you're seeking a long-term addition, it’s important to find a candidate that will make a positive addition to your company. We’re constantly looking to improve our own recruiting practices, so we’ve put together our guide on finding and hiring the next addition to your team.

Recruitment: Know Your Audience

Just like marketing, recruiting starts with knowing your audience. At HighRock, we have two offices, each with a unique market, and we aim to tailor our recruiting strategy based on the demographic and circumstances within the market. Being selective about when and where you post your job openings will not only target better candidates, but will streamline your own process and time investment. Ask yourself, “Who are we looking to reach?” before you determine where you can reach them.

We post open positions to outlets where industry professionals, and recent graduates, are looking for career opportunities. With that audience in mind, we focus our efforts on career sites like and LinkedIn, and forgo posting on social sites like Facebook and Instagram. In contrast, our tactic is slightly different at our sister company Warehouse Tap Room, where candidates include a younger generation who might still be in school and candidates looking to complement their full-time career with a part-time position, and we’ll reach candidates through social media.

No matter the company or job title, there are two resources that we always use: the company website and our existing staff. If you’ve put a focus on a positive company culture, your current team can be your best source of candidate referrals.

Don't Forget! Good candidates will be assessing your company just as much as you’re assessing them. If you want to attract top talent, cultivate a reputation as a good employer. Candidates should know if you’ve received their application, if they’ve been selected for an interview, and if they have or haven’t been offered the position. Lots of applications (great!)? An auto-reply from your careers email can detail your process for all applicants, giving them an idea of when they can expect to hear back about an interview.

Assessment: From Resume to Hire

Our candidate assessments are broken up into 4-5 stages: initial review, a phone interview with Human Resources, the first in-person interview with HR and the hiring manager, and finally a second interview with the hiring manager and one other team member. Depending on the position, there may also be a written assessment to gauge skills.

Sound like a lot? A lengthy interview process may not work for everyone, but regardless of the process, we’re always looking for four main qualities in our candidates: Attitude, Ability, Grit, and Fit.

Attitude: What is the candidate’s natural energy, and approach to life? Do they:

  • Have a positive attitude?
  • Display passion for the position/industry?
  • Display a natural curiosity and willingness to learn?
  • React well to stress or high pressure?

Ability: Does the candidate have the skills and experience needed for the position? Ask yourself:

  • What skills are most important for the position?
  • How important is experience for this position? What kind of experience?
  • What can we teach? What can’t we teach?
  • Can the candidate think on their feet and improvise?

Grit: Is their passion coupled with the ability to achieve? Has the candidate:

  • Had experiences that required a lot of problem solving or perseverance?
  • Achieved a goal or overcome an adversity?
  • Changed jobs frequently, or made smart choices to reach their career goals?

Fit: Does this person fit our culture? Do they:

  • Display qualities that exemplify our core values (AKA our HighRock DNA)?
  • Show an interest in a culture that aligns with your own?

These qualities are in no particular order, except the first one – attitude. While experience and skills are important, attitude is king, and that goes for any position. So, if the attitude is great, but there’s a lack of experience, the question then becomes, “What can we teach, and what is their potential to learn?”.

Think you have what it takes to be a "HighRocker?" Stay tuned to our Careers page to see the latest job postings!