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Hi Ock: The Journey Begins

The HighRock team recently had the honor of working with a local teenager – a funny, quirky, smart young man named Luke – to produce a video. The video title Hi Ock: The Journey Begins is fitting because when you think about it, we’re all on a journey. Luke and his parents are navigating through his life with autism and working to build a bright future, full of possibilities. The HighRock team took a break from our daily deadlines and meetings and went on a journey to help a young man realize his dreams. 

A Brief Timeline of this Video Project

December 2015

I received an email from the parents of a creative, tech-savvy 10th grade student named Luke who was interested in learning more from a professional creative firm. While I was talking with Luke’s parents, I came across an interesting article in Parade called “Exceptional Minds: Movie Magic” about how autistic youth are some of the biggest contributors to visual effects in Hollywood. This really got me thinking about the possibilities.

January 2016

I met with Luke and his parents to review his portfolio of impressive digital animations and unique artwork. During this meeting, we learned that his alter ego is “Lukedude” and the group determined that a video project would be the perfect learning experience. His creative juices immediately flowing, Lukedude said “We’ll call it Hi Ock” and mentally created the main character - a sock puppet named Ock. Lukedude’s homework was to create a script with his vision.   

February 2016

Lukedude’s dad delivered the script … and what a script it was!! Nearly 40 pages of hand-drawn graphics of the various screens and conversation.

Ock Storyboard

Next came production – the actual shooting of the video. This included equipment and lighting set up, Ock interviewing various team members, and capturing what we call “b-roll” or supplemental footage around the office. 

March 2016

Post-production began, with our video team editing and creating text layovers. Once we had a rough cut, the team met with Luke and his parents to get their input. Luke had some comments about how he envisioned certain sections and asked questions about why we did certain things. Taking his comments and questions, we made some additional edits to the video. 

April 2016

Hundreds of people attended the premiere of “Hi Ock: The Journey Begins” on April 27 at Leitersburg Cinemas. Lukedude, his family, and the community members in attendance were thrilled to see his vision on the big screen.

On another note, please join us in congratulating Lukedude on his acceptance to the Multi-Media/Graphic Design program at Washington County Technical High School! The programs at Tech High are highly competitive and Lukedude was one of 18 students selected for the Multi-Media/Graphic Design program. We know he is going to have great success during his time at Tech High and beyond!! #RockOnLukedude