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Consistent Messaging to Build Your Brand

Protect This House.
Think Different.
Great Taste. Less Filling.
Nothing Runs Like a Deere.

Chances are you recognize most, if not all, of the taglines above. You’re also likely to recognize their logos (which we’ve elected not to display without corporate permission). Their words and images have made an impression on you - through repetition and consistency. 

One of the most important pieces of advice we give clients is to be consistent. Does this mean every ad, billboard, brochure, and other marketing material needs to be mirror images? Of course not. But if you want to build brand recognition, it’s important to follow some general guidelines.

Who’s your audience?

What platforms will your target demographic be using? What words or phrases could influence their decisions? How can you make an impression on them? You can learn more about your audience by reviewing your website analytics and by collecting general information from those who call or visit your business. Use this knowledge to engage your audience through the appropriate channels.  

What’s your message?

What message do you want to get across? As a team, you should define your key messages and refine as needed. Your messages should be simple so they can be easily conveyed by your advocates and clearly understood by your audience. Strong internal communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring your message is clear and cohesive. Once you’ve evaluated your audience vs. your messaging, tailor your message accordingly to achieve the highest impact. 

How do you look?

Visual consistency is a crucial component of brand recognition. Your logo, specifically, is the center of your branding universe. All visual marketing efforts must work with your logo in terms of fonts, colors, and usage, which is where a brand guide comes into play. The brand guide provides specific standards for how logos and taglines should be displayed. By presenting your logo consistently, current and potential customers will begin to recognize your company immediately and your brand will continue to grow. 

What is your voice? 

A consistent “voice” is another important part of brand recognition. Do you want to appear casual or humorous? Do you want to approach marketing from a more professional angle? Or do you want a combination of the two? Regardless of your company personality, your voice across all channels should be consistent. 

Recognize the Difference

There’s a difference between your overarching image and branding vs. a marketing campaign for a certain product, service, or event. The key is to maintain your brand look and voice within the special campaign so consumers make the connection.

It takes time to create your marketing strategy and brand guide, but are both important pieces of the marketing puzzle. Once you have some clear direction, your team can go out and sell your product or service with clarity and consistency.