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Behind the Scenes of HighRock Video Production: The Final Cut (Part III)

You’ve seen HighRock’s pre-production process, including scripting, storyboarding, and location scouting. All of those steps lead up to the big day(s) of production. But once the cameras stop rolling, how do we take raw footage and produce a finished product? What exactly will we do with your video?

At HighRock, our video team has the technical knowledge, professional-grade equipment, and years of experience to keep your project on track. Depending on the type of video we’re making, our post-production process may vary, but the process outlined below is a general guide to how our final stage of video production typically progresses.

The First Take

The post-production stage is very important; this is where your story starts to take its final shape. Inspired by our discussions with your team about your goals and the storyboards that we created in pre-production, we focus on bringing your vision to life.

When it comes to post-production, it’s all hands on deck at HighRock. Extensive editing goes into turning a day’s worth of footage into a 3-5-minute marketing video or even just a 30-second ad. Editing is a time-intensive step, but a polished finished product will be worth the wait.

The Beginning of the End

Part of our editing process involves scrutinizing every second of footage until we find the perfect material that aligns with your script, storyboard, and goals for your video. We cut your video, rearranging and reworking it until it’s right. That’s not all that editing involves; there are several other steps that we take.  

  • Music selection & other sound design: It’s crucial for your audio and video to be evenly matched. This step includes balancing levels, syncing audio, and adding voiceover, etc.
  • Color grading: This is where our team will make stylistic choices to give your video the desired tone. Choices made in color grading can really shift the mood of your footage.
  • Special effects & animations: Dependent on the scope of your video, this is where any effects or animations come in. This could also include transitions within your video.
  • Still images & Logo: Any images that appear in your video, including your logo at the beginning or end, will need to be added.
  • Review & Delivery: After carefully reviewing our work, we submit the video to you and your team.

Just like our pre-production phase, post-production is a collaborative process as well. We want to hear your feedback about your video so that we can make any necessary edits or changes.

From the first take to the final cut, we cannot wait to work with you! Call HighRock to start your video production today.