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Behind the Scenes of HighRock Video Production: Concepting and Scripting (Part I)

Where does a good video start? Compelling visuals can keep a viewer’s attention and good editing can keep them intrigued, but the core of the story is the essential place to start. Video is an excellent way to tell your brand’s story and reach your customers – but where do you begin?

HighRock’s video production process starts with a phase we call “pre-production.” Pre-production involves several steps, the first of which is coming up with a concept for your video and creating a script.

Collaborating: How do you mesh everyone’s ideas into one?

If your whole team is involved in the project, chances are you will have a lot of ideas to sort through. Often the best way to untangle a mess of thoughts is to start backwards. What is the goal of the project? Once you’ve determined that, who is your audience? At HighRock, our team has years’ worth of experience at refining great concepts into achievable ideas. We love bouncing around new concepts with clients, and we’ll work with you and your team to make sure that your brand and your message is conveyed clearly.

Staying on Script

Our scripting process is built around any discovery meetings that we have with your team and the overall message that you want to convey. Our scripting is a very deliberate process; the words in your video are a huge factor in relaying the meaning. Slogans and catchphrases are also often the most memorable part of any advertisement, so we want to make sure we get it right.

In order to make your video and your message memorable, we work to make the absolute best pairing of copy and visuals. Depending on the content of your video, this could look several different ways. We might employ voiceover or a narrator to tell an overarching story while using more abstract visuals. Client or employee testimonials can also be a powerful tool; we can help you frame and plan those, while also including other footage from your company. Maybe you want a classic scripted video with actors delivering lines, etc – we can help with that too!

It’s not written in stone. Yet.

Constructive feedback and communication between our teams are pivotal to the progress and success of video production. HighRock values hearing your input and opinion. We are working with you to create your video, so hearing your feedback helps us refine our process even more. The earlier in the process you ask your questions, the earlier we can come to solutions.

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Got a great idea and you’re ready to get started on turning it into a video? Give the team of filmmakers at HighRock a call to get started on your discovery process.