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Is Accessibility Your Digital Dilemma?

Many of us have important people in our lives with disabilities, whether they have visual impairments, hearing loss or challenges like cerebral palsy or dyslexia. While we wouldn’t change our loved ones for the world, we can change our digital world for them.

At HighRock, we’re fiercely devoted to making digital content accessible for people of all abilities. Since 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has helped level the playing field for people with disabilities, granting the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. Whether we’re talking about websites or walkways, we often refer to these supports as “ADA,” but simply calling them “accessible” will keep your terminology on target.

When it comes to websites, digital accessibility is fascinating stuff. A precise balance of form and function, we categorize it as:

  1. Function (how it works): Assistive technologies (such as a screen reader or a keyboard) can be used to consume digital content.
  2. Design (how it looks): Colors and contrast don’t impair the website’s legibility for those with colorblindness, cataracts and other contrast loss impairments. Alternative text is provided to supplement the visuals.
  3. Context (what it means): Alternative content provided is relevant and usable to the audience.

Standard color no notable deficiencies
Standard Color
No Notable Deficiencies

Completed project designs in grayscale and with slight visibility obstruction 
With Contrast Loss and Cataracts

Deuteropia, Red-Green colorblindness
Red-Green Colorblindness

Even if you’re not a business owner, web designer, caregiver or loved one, accessibility impacts communication with someone in your life. While some guidelines refer to the way a website is structured, many refer to documents created in Word or PDF. Since knowledge is power, please take the time to review the guidelines and create documents that are accessible to every audience. Inclusion is easier than you think.

Whether you’re an ace at accessibility or new to the digital dialogue, assess your own website with this reporting tool. Then learn what it all means by hearing from the experts in accessibility technology.

As a business owner, should you worry about website accessibility? Stay tuned for more insights on inclusion or download this PDF to learn more about HighRock’s process for tackling the issue.