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4 Common Myths about Video

Have you always secretly wanted to make a video to advertise your business? It’s a good idea; video is everywhere and it’s crucial to an effective marketing strategy. Studies have revealed that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Video is a versatile and a striking way to reach your customers. Maybe you’ve always thought that video would be too difficult or too expensive for your company – HighRock thinks otherwise! Here are 4 common myths that prevent companies from developing a successful and memorable video.

Myth 1: I can’t afford to have a video made.

It is completely possible to get a high-quality product for a reasonable price. Many things factor into the price of your video: the concept, the length, the technical difficulty, etc. In your first meeting with your video production team, they should work with you to plan a video that will stay within your budget, but still meet your expectations. Any money that you spend in video production is an investment into the success of your overall marketing campaign.

Myth 2: I don’t have time to wait for a video.

Your video production company should work with you to set deadlines. While the delivery date of your video will depend on production schedules and the specifics of your video, typically the process is not as long as you would think. HighRock, for instance, is usually able to deliver the first draft of your video within two weeks of shooting it. Overall, if the process goes smoothly, video production usually takes less than 30 days.

Myth 3: I can get the same type of results with a video I make myself.

While you can certainly produce a video using your own camera or phone, a team of filmmakers can efficiently produce a professional-grade video for you. When you hire the professionals, you hire their knowledge, equipment, time, and experience. Their equipment and knowledge ensure a high-quality finished product that you can be proud of. Experience in the field makes professional filmmakers more efficient in their planning, filming, and editing. You want your company to be represented as polished as possible, and a professional-grade video can help you do that.

Myth 4: I don’t need a video made if I’m not going to run a tv commercial.

Video is versatile. In addition to ads on TV, video can be used in web ads, in social media posts and branding, on company websites, for lobby videos, and for internal corporate usage. In fact, more than half of the video that HighRock produces isn’t for television. Video works as a powerful marketing tool because it also has an essence of longevity; it can be shared and re-shared. Video can also be a powerful internal tool; over 50% of executives prefer watching videos over reading copy – consider video for your next presentation or annual report.

Want to start telling your brand’s story in a video? HighRock would love to answer any questions you have. Reach out to HighRock for more information -- we can’t wait to kick-start your video marketing campaign!