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Discovering How to Reach Your Audience

Web Development

Each website project begins with a “discovery” phase, where our team learns as much as possible about your company or organization:

- What are your strategic goals and objectives? -
- Who are your existing and potential users? -
- What are your users’ goals and objectives when visiting your website? -

The discovery phase ensures your goals are met, creates buy-in from all stakeholders, and helps identify potential issues before we begin design and development. Based on what we discover, we’ll create an information architecture that aligns with the users and their goals. These “wireframes” map out the best way to present information and our designers will turn them into a professional, custom website design.

Once the web team has approved design, content, and image files, development begins in the form of coding (making the site look nice) and programming (making the site work properly).

Best practices for development, search engine optimization, and accessibility for the visually impaired, coupled with quality checks and audit tools ensure your site is ready to go live.  

Our partnership will continue after “go live” with:

- Training (in person or via web conference) for your team -
- Friendly technical support when you have questions or problems -
- Google Analytics reporting to monitor your traffic -
- Other benefits to ensure your website is secure and functioning optimally -