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Think Outside the Box Office

Cinema Marketing

HighRock has worked to create affordable marketing assets and build strategies that produce return on investment for movie theaters. We've successfully increased attendance and sales for our cinema clients by developing a portfolio of fun, engaging events that are entertaining for customers and easy-to-organize for staff. We take the guess work out of event planning by providing customized graphics, an easy-to-follow marketing plan and a step-by-step guide for each event.

We measure success one event at a time.

  • Engagement
  • Ticket Sales
  • Admissions
  • Concessions


"Although movies and events at Leitersburg Cinemas go hand in hand, there are many differences in the execution. Since we’ve been working with HighRock, we’ve definitely seen an increase in demand from both our loyal fans and new customers. HighRock assists with event logistics, coordinates our email communications, and tells us just how to promote the event on social media." Connell Cuffie - General Manager, Leitersburg Cinemas

"With a small theatre staff, we need all the help we can get to effectively pull off larger events. Having HighRock plan each event with specific event details...from providing custom graphics, to creating a social media timeline, and even laying out specific duties for each staff member...has given our small theatre a big market appeal"
Lee Price - General Manager, Waynesboro Theatre

R/C Theatres: A Case Study in Cinema Marketing

The Challenge

Grow movie theater audiences despite competition from streaming and on-demand services.

The Solution

Believing that movie theaters are now in the hospitality business rather than just entertainment, HighRock designed a portfolio of events that movie theater operators can easily host to attract a growing audience while enhancing their social media profile. For example, we coupled the recent release of Beauty and the Beast with a "Daddy Daughter Date Night," purposely scheduling it for weekends after the movie had opened when audience numbers traditionally drop. Our unique branding along with a complimentary photo session proved highly successful for two of our theater clients in the R/C Theatre family. Both locations saw audiences well above the national average — not to mention some amazing princess outfits!

What We Did

  • Customized, Affordable Branding
  • Social Media Guidance
  • Easy-to-Use Operations Documents