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Visualize New Products with Virtual Reality

HighRock and our client, Hatteras Yachts, were recently featured in various publications, thanks to some exciting enhancements in our 3D division. Hatteras approached HighRock last fall with a challenge - find an innovative way to showcase their 90-foot motor yacht that was still under construction.

Our 3D team went to work on R&D to create an immersive experience that allowed viewers the chance to tour the boat inside and out through a virtual interface. Unveiled at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, the Hatteras VR experience provided an amazing visual tool for yacht customers and other boat designers alike.

As the article in Trade Only Today states, "If you were to take it [the tour] yourself, you would use controllers to choose whatever area of the Hatteras 90 you want to get a closer look at. Even peeking out a window would show you virtual walkaround decks outside."

How did Hatteras and HighRock team up for this venture? "Hatteras sees using virtual reality as a natural progression, said Joe Cacopardo, director of marketing for Hatteras in the Yachting article. "We searched around and found a suitable partner in [Maryland’s] High Rock Studios, who delivered an excellent product for us." As the article states, "virtual reality’s emergence as a yacht-design resource could very well disrupt the boatbuilding process as we know it." We agree - and have seen a similar disruption other industries like real estate and manufacturing, where VR has become the new generation for marketing.

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HighRock Team Experiences Hatteras VR

HighRock Experiences Virtual Reality