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Tips for Crafting the Corporate Video

At a recent staff meeting, you became the lead on the corporate marketing video. If nightmares of awkward interviews and Blair Witch-worthy camera angles are keeping you up at night, we’re here to tell you: you’re right to worry. How can you prevent your video from looking like an SNL skit? Hire a production company to craft a video that’s ready for prime time.

Nail Your Narrative

Content is everything, so start the process by identifying your objectives with the production crew. If you’re creating a video about your vibrant corporate culture, talk through the people and places that illustrate your point, keeping the following in mind:

  • Interviews: Who best embodies your culture or brand? Will your colleagues come across well on camera? Ask the production company for advice on every-thing from interview questions to on-screen attire to get everyone camera-ready. Steady communication with your colleagues and the production crew keeps everyone on the same page before the shoot.
  • Locations: What spaces tell your story? Ask the crew to scout locations with you well in advance so that they can take lighting, ambient sound level and the rhythms of corporate life into account. Once your locations are set, be sure that the crew has easy access to these spaces. On shooting day, confirm that doors are unlocked, space is available for equipment and furniture can be moved as needed.
  • Schedule: Nothing kills an interview quicker than chewing noises from Company Cronut Morning. So once you’ve established locations, reserve the spaces well in advance and confirm your timeline with key players (like interviewees, maintenance and reception). Also, be realistic about parking, traffic and the time it takes to move between spaces and set up for filming. It may take an hour for the crew to set up camera equipment and lighting in each locale, so ask for time estimates before your shoot.

Camera recording actress for a commerical

Edit for Excellence

Once you wrap production day, the real work begins. While it would be nice to receive an .mov file on demand, editing is essential to the process. Editing trims the fat, eliminating footage that muddles your message. It takes time and talent to find stellar sound bites and takes, so post-production is where the studio magic happens. During this process, B-roll is selected, transitions are added, graphics are determined and color and audio are adjusted for impact. At some point during the editorial process, the production company may ask you to preview their progress to date. Editing is a collaborative effort, and the crew relies on your honesty to deliver the best product possible. As the brand ambassador, it’s up to you ensure that:

  • the message reflects a dynamic brand
  • your interviews are engaging and succinct
  • lighting, sound and transitions are on point

Undertaking a full-scale video production requires careful planning, open communication with the production crew, flexibility and a commitment to the editing process. But the end result will be a production that’s far from a punchline.