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There's a Ghost in the Office!

This October, the HighRock offices are super spooky. The office is decorated, the candy is out, and the pumpkins have been carved. But maybe the most impressive Halloween décor we have is a real ghost – a ghostwriter – in the office.

If you’ve spent any time marketing your company, you’ve probably realized the importance of constantly creating content. This can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Oftentimes, you’ll find that members of your team don’t feel like “good writers,” so they’ll be hesitant to write content for your company. That’s where I come in as HighRock’s resident copywriter. For any content that I ghostwrite, I follow a similar process.

The Copywriting Process

  1. I start with an idea, a bullet list, or an interview with one of your team members. This gives me some base content to start building the piece with. I find that interviews are the most helpful because it gives me the opportunity to get the most I possibly can from the “author” I’ll be ghostwriting for. I want the piece to be a reflection of the client, and not myself, so the more content I can start with, the better.
  2. From the initial content I’ve gathered, I start writing a first draft. There are some basic elements that I always try to include in most content: an introduction, conclusion, and call to action at the end. Other than those elements, I arrange the copy in whatever way I think it best. I try to pay attention to how the parts flow, making sure that what I end up producing is a cohesive piece.
  3. Sometimes step 2 requires additional research, like looking into the types of services or products that the company offers. I want whatever copy I write to sound right to people who are knowledgeable in that field, so I always take a little time to look into the topic. This is a great place for a copywriter to save your company time and keep your content high quality.
  4. After the first draft is complete, I send it back to the “author” that I’m writing it for. I have them read it and give me feedback. This is an important step because I want to make sure that I’ve stayed true to the “author”. If they see anything that doesn’t make sense to them or that they don’t like, they make suggestions for me to make changes. I make as many revisions as necessary for the “author” to be happy with the piece.
  5. The last step is the final draft. This will encompass any edits or revisions that we’ve made. If there’s any SEO words or terms that the company want to highlight, this is also where I make sure that they’re included in the copy.

Don't get spooked - Ghostwriters can do anything

A ghostwriter is a great resource for recurring projects like blogs and social media posts. Ghostwriting can also be useful for one-time pieces you need to produce like print pieces, and web copy. No matter the length or purpose of the piece, a ghost writer can help you save time and produce professional polished pieces.

Do you want to save yourself the time and trouble of writing your own content? Reach out to HighRock to learn more about our copywriting services.