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Storytelling with 3D & VR: Applications in Art & Business

Always looking to share new and innovative ways to use 3D and virtual reality (VR), our team recently partnered with New Spire Arts to reintroduce 3D and VR to their local arts and business community. Held at New Spire Spaces in downtown Frederick, MD, the event included an open house demo for businesses and an educational workshop for film professionals. Throughout the event, guests could test out several ways to enjoy 3D and VR content, including using Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, or even their own personal phone or tablet. By illustrating the storytelling potential of 3D and VR, guests began to see a broader application for the tools beyond the typical uses in gaming and architecture.

During the open house, a variety of businesses stopped by to experience the technology for themselves. Representatives from the Frederick Arts Council discussed how they could paint a vision of streetscapes and murals as they garner community support. Sachs Realty explored ways to make the home buying and selling experience easier for their clients and agents. Clue IQ, Frederick's own live escape room, quickly saw opportunities to make their experiences even more memorable with 3D and VR. Guests also had the opportunity to tour the HighRock VR "portal", visiting a virtual lobby to view a menu of different spaces and worlds, and then swiftly be transported to an experience of their choice.

After the open house demo, HighRock and New Spire Arts held a workshop with a small group of film producers and screenwriters. The topic focused on using VR as a storytelling mechanism. Producing Artistic Director for New Spire Arts, Elizabeth Lucas discussed emerging opportunities to use the technology in film, including at Sundance Institute, where new VR residency programs and film categories are being introduced. HighRock's Yavuz Goncu, Director of 3D Technology, and Josh Youngbar, Video Director, shared some technical knowledge of tools and software used, as well as their approach to storytelling through 3D and VR. The film producers and screenwriters were intrigued by the possibilities. Not only could VR provide an immersive experience for their audiences, but it also would allow them to determine the perspective and outcome of a story. A truly unique challenge and opportunity for storytellers!

Overall, the event was a powerful testament to the endless possibilities of 3D and VR for both the business and the arts community. Special thanks to the team at New Spire Arts for approaching us with the idea and hosting the entire event at their venue. We are fortunate to have been a part of such a supportive community, and look forward to more opportunities like this to inspire, and be inspired!