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Rock the Sunglasses

As I write this, I’m overlooking Smith Mountain Lake –one of my family’s go-to places for quiet time and relaxation. Working in a digital era definitely has its perks – and having the ability to work from home (or from the lake!) is certainly one of my favorites.

Computer in front of open winder

For me – that’s what summer is all about. Getting outdoors and getting a change of scenery somehow changes your perspective. You expect great things. You’re inspired in new ways. At HighRock – we call this kind of positivity, “Rocking the Sunglasses.” In fact, it’s is one of our nine core values (or pieces of “HighRock DNA” as we like to call it):

Rock the sunglasses.
Positive attitude. No gossip. Every day is a warm sunny day!

Now, while this simple phrase may seem as if we’re asking employees to “pretend” everything is always bright and sunny (even when it’s not) – it’s actually more of a reminder to always expect good things. Look for the positive. Even when the weather app says, “cloudy with a chance of rain” – rock the sunglasses anyway! In my opinion, it’s that kind of positivity that makes HighRock such a great company to work for and work with.

So whether you’re reading this at your desk, on the beach, or while working from home – think about a few ways you can “rock the sunglasses” in your daily work life and share them with us on social media!