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Putting on the Brakes: The Power of Reverse Engineering

Most clients first come to us and want a logo, website redesign, or other typical marketing element. They are incredibly tactic focused in how they want to proceed. But after asking them a few questions, we quickly realize they don’t have their brand messaging quite figured out. They know exactly what tools they want to use, but haven’t figured out how to use them.

This is where we have to put on the brakes and back up to reverse engineer their strategy.

A common language has to be found within the company. Even more importantly, you have to know and use the language of your target audience. Finding what messaging your clients will connect with is crucial to developing a successful marketing strategy.

The biggest thing is clarity. Clarity helps you make decisions—and make them fast. Often times with our clients, they lack clarity in who they are, which only causes frustration when trying to deploy specific tactics.

One client we worked with really wanted to redo their logo, and we could tell they weren’t sure what direction to go with it. They believed their name didn’t exactly match their brand. And they were right! We asked them to come in and, after interviewing them, we made a presentation utilizing a new name and the direction was found.

And the best part: Everyone was on board! Through the process we helped them discover how to best connect with their customers, and now they are moving forward under their new brand.

Going through the strategy process by reverse engineering is a discovery of many moving parts. But once people start talking and asking questions, a realization starts happening naturally and organically. There will be resistance at first, but by the end of the process you will feel so much better—because you finally have clarity.

Defining Your Company + Knowing Your Clients = Clarity

Though getting the right tactics in place is helpful, without a clear vision of who your company is, everything else will fall apart. You wouldn’t build a house without first laying a firm foundation, so why do you think that would fly for your branding?!?

We can help give you that needed clarity, you just have to be willing to put on the brakes and go in reverse. Only then can you truly move your company forward.