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Legos and Company Culture

Can you pull off a company meeting that involves Legos®, rap music and an abundance of creative brainpower?

It’s always great to gather a company in a single room and celebrate the year while simultaneously preparing for the next. It’s even better when you use the same meeting to prove to your employees that they are not part of just another “run of the mill” company.

HighRock prides itself on the fact that we hire and foster interesting storytellers, creative thinkers and innovative doers. This philosophy does not just apply to “creative types.” From finance to operations and beyond, we intentionally build our company culture by looking for a certain type of person.

Culture is vital when considering which company you’d like to work for or work with, which is why we relish the fun and original culture HighRock has developed. We like to brag that our entire team is imaginative and dynamic. In fact, we put this notion to the test in our most recent company meeting.

HighRock Studios team building with LegosThe “2018 LEGO-ATHON®,” as we dubbed it, was an effort to think outside the box and motivate our employees to “think different, think creative.”

Here’s a few culture-building tips we learned along the way…

1.) Get out of your circle
First, we divided our company into small groups, putting them with people they don’t typically work with - mixing copyeditors with web developers, marketing executives with 3D artists, HR with graphic designers. Grouping people from unlikely circles immediately brought a new level of interest to the project.

2.) Use unconventional tools
Each group was given the task to create a new product, and then “sell it” to the rest of the groups. They were given a set of Legos® to build a prototype of their idea and then worked as a team to develop a marketing strategy, a sales pitch, and even a jingle for their product. Would the project have been possible without Legos®? Of course. But not nearly as memorable (or fun!)

HighRock Studios team building with Legos3.) Try something new
Each team member had to take a stab at something they were not typically used to doing. For example, the 3D artist could not be the one handling the Legos®, and a Marketing Executive could not be the one doing the sales pitch. Instead, each person had to tackle a task outside their typical area of expertise. It was a pleasant surprise to see all the hidden talents people had!

4.) Share what you’re working on
In the end, the entire room cast their votes for which group had the best product and pitch. It would be an understatement to say we all had a blast with the project, and bonus points were awarded for any team that added a jingle to their presentation (or a fantastic rap, which was the case with “winning” team)! It was amazing to see all the creativity that was produced in such a short 15-minute project.

So what was the big idea of the entire day? We wanted to reinforce to our employees: “It doesn’t matter what we do, we are all part of the solution.” The better we are at our particular piece of the puzzle, the more quickly we’ll solve it for the client. And who knows – we might even find a new way to use the puzzle pieces. It’s all about bettering ourselves to better help our clients.

So if you’re planning a company meeting, a brainstorming session or even just a one-on-one chat with another coworker – you might just want to grab a set of Legos® and see where the creativity takes you.

Katie Stover and Len Sullivan taking a Selfie