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HighRock Expands Team and Services

HighRock is pleased to announce the expansion of our team and service offerings. "We continue to diversify our services to remain current in a changing marketplace," said Ryan Lampton, President of HighRock. "In addition to our full array of marketing services - including 3D, video, web development, and design - we've expanded to include solutions for the cinema industry, social media coaching, and application development. Our new team members each have unique skills and experiences to help move us into these and other innovative markets."

New HighRock Employees

David AustinSenior 3D Artist, transitioned from sculpture to digital design over 22 years ago. His experience includes computer graphics and software development in a variety of fields, including medical, architectural, and simulation. As a Senior 3D Artist, David coordinates all aspects of 3D projects, from modeling to rendering and post production.

Pieter Bickford, Marketing Executive, has worked in local media for a number of years, including news anchor for WHAG-TV and editor-in-chief of local event guide What’s NXT. He focuses on the new HighRock Cinema service, which helps movie theaters make a bigger impact via web, mobile, email, and social media through analytics and special event marketing.

Roland Bingaman, Lead Cinematographer, has spent most of his career making music videos, commercials, mini-documentaries, short films, and more. At HighRock, he works closely with our Video Director and other team members to help clients’ stories come to life visually through high-quality scripting, filming, and post-production techniques.

Melissa FountainEvents & Social Media Strategist, has a background in television promotions and event planning and promotion, most recently as Events Director for What’s NXT. Melissa coordinates fun local events and provides one of our new services, social media coaching, to help clients improve their online presence.

Kerem SozugecerSenior Software Architect, focuses on software and product development. With experience working in all types of environments, from tech startups to multinational corporations like Oracle, Kerem understands how to reach target markets. He works closely with our team of web developers to create innovative technology solutions.

Learn more about the HighRock team by visiting People