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Going ‘Live’ With Facebook

Video is king right now on many social media platforms.

Many have embraced live videos as a way to help users connect with their audience. The raw feel of a live video is refreshing to viewers. It isn’t polished and you don’t know what will happen next. This helps to build an excitement level not often found in standard online videos.

This is why the use of live videos is so key for marketing! When you have an event, it is the perfect opportunity to break out the camera on your device and start recording. You may have fans or clients who want to be part of an event, but just couldn’t make it. Or, you might have some fans who are skeptical and didn’t buy a ticket. Time to show them what they’re missing!

By utilizing live video, you are giving those who aren’t there a window into the action, making them feel like they were still part of the event.

Live video even helps create FOMO—fear of missing out. Everyone wants to be in-the-know and up on events. By capturing live video of an event, you are giving people a reason to come out next time. They won’t be on the fence about buying a ticket—they’ll be first in line.

We put this concept into practice in our work with Leitersburg Cinemas. Leitersburg’s “Wine & A Movie” events were the perfect opportunity to create a live event connection. The video showed the moviegoers having fun and helped drum up interest in future outings—leading to increased ticket sales.

Wine and a Movie Facebook event

You can even use live video to keep people from feeling like they’re missing out. A similar use of video was during Krumpe’s Donut Drop—a New Year’s Eve event where a giant donut descends in downtown Hagerstown to ring in the new year. The crowd this last December wasn’t as large because it was so cold outside. But by recording a live video at the event, people could view the donut drop on Facebook and feel like they were there. Now, when they come back next year, they can still have memories from the previous event.

Maybe the best thing about using Facebook Live for event marketing is that it costs you nothing. That’s right, FREE MARKETING! For a small business, that is a major bonus. Every time a new video is being shared, your business’ Facebook fans get notified and can immediately tune-in, like, share, and comment on your video. This makes the overall user experience more engaging, and it allows your company to connect with your clients on a whole new level.

And you don’t have to be the most tech-savvy person to post a video. Facebook Live videos should feel…


All of those aspects lend to the authentic feel of the medium.

Ultimately, Facebook Live videos are going to drive traffic to your Facebook page. And that should be the desired outcome, right? And, if done right, it will increase your overall engagement with existing and potential clients. Creating excitement around your brand should be a number one priority—and, well, exciting!

Krumpes Donut Drop

So whether you are dropping donuts, having a block party, or hosting a wine and movie night, using Facebook Live is a surefire way to make sure your next event is even more of a success!

Still not sure what Facebook Live can do for you? Contact us and we can help you figure out the best way to utilize this growing marketing must.