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Celebrating 12 Years!

HighRock opened its doors on March 7, 2005 with Washington County natives Rich Daughtridge and Dave Schleigh at the helm. Today, we’re taking a quick jaunt down memory lane with our founders and their slightly varying accounts of how it all began.

Rich's Story

HighRock HistoryI recall it being insanely cold outside in early February of 2005 and working late into the evenings, trying to get the office ready to officially open. My oldest son, Reed, was about three years old and pretended to help. My infant daughter, Carter Ann, was sleeping in a swing in the front lobby. We spent hours stripping wallpaper, painting, and cleaning the Clock Tower building in downtown Hagerstown to get the business launched. We disassembled the old 70s-looking reception desk in the lobby and used the main board to create a desk across two filing cabinets in my office. I remember thinking how uncomfortable that makeshift desk was back then, but yet how cool it was that we were launching our own business – this thing called HighRock.

Dave's Story

What was I thinking back in 2005? I had a great job in Downtown Baltimore as Art Director at the Baltimore Development Corporation. I’m not sure I realized the risk and hard work associated with being a small business owner. While Rich was setting up his makeshift desk, I was busy finalizing rental paperwork for the Emerging Technology Center (ETC), a business and technology incubator in the heart of Canton. The space was completely trendy, in the epicenter of other technology focused businesses ... a very hip location for HighRock’s Greater Baltimore branch to launch. As we grew and "incubated" from the ETC, we bought an ancient farmhouse (circa 1720) as our next office. As cool as it was, the property was really difficult to maintain and I think I spent more time as the repairman and landscaper than I did as a graphic designer. Whether positive experiences or learning experiences, all our employees have played a role in the great journey to where we find ourselves today.

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HighRock Today

It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for twelve years. We’ve worked hard to build a brand, always grateful for the clients who gave us a chance to help them design a logo, create an annual report, build a website, or share our expertise in other ways. Over the years, we’ve had opportunities to launch other businesses, like ClockTower Investments, LeftBrain Technology, Leitersburg Cinemas, NXTPass, SkyVue, Warehouse Cinemas and Waynesboro Theatre. Each of these companies is under the umbrella of HighRock Group, a support mechanism for all our companies. With our roots in marketing, HighRock Group has a unique perspective to develop and grow other companies, with a focus on technology and entertainment.

As for HighRock, the original marketing agency, the addition of a 3D division specializing in renderings, animation, and virtual reality, as well as other exciting services, have us poised for continued growth for many years to come. From the entire HighRock team, we’d like to thank our friends, families, clients, and supporters for everything!