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4th Quarter Marketing & Advertising

If you are like most other marketers, you are feeling pretty accomplished right now. 30 days hath September and whew! You made it through. Through nine months of grueling decision-making, sales and marketing meetings, then execution excitement. Nodding your head with an "I did it – almost" kind of satisfaction ... but hold on a minute. What did you do exactly? What was the outcome? Did you meet your goals? How do you know? Did you track it? What was your ROI on the money and time spent? This is the voice of 4th Quarter 2016 speaking to you. It seems you may have just repeated the same exact action items as last year in hopes of getting some different results? Am I right? 

It’s ok – that’s how most marketing departments work. You have a plan, you have goals, you have a budget and a team, and now it’s time to make things happen. But how do you know if you're meeting your expectations? Now, ask yourself one last question. (Out loud. Go ahead. Go go ahead. Don’t worry, no one can hear you.) "What exactly have my marketing and advertising efforts done for the success of my business over the last nine months?"


If you are feeling defeated – DON’T. You still have three more months to get it right. More often than not, companies hold money back in their marketing budgets just in case something comes up or, you know, a marketing emergency occurs. How do I know? Because I did it too. But before you go and "use it before you lose it", I challenge you - start with a marketing strategy conversation. Don’t scramble to quickly disperse without a goal in mind, namely: 

  1. Who you are targeting?
  2. How you are going to reach those people?

Making your marketing dollars work harder sometimes can take more time and energy at the beginning, but you might be amazed what you can uncover when someone asks you all the right questions.

HighRock prides ourselves on having those tougher conversations with our clients to help make the marketing money you spend has the biggest impact. No matter what goals you want to accomplish before the end of the year OR starting in 2018 – making the conscious decision to get it right before the end of the year is going to speak volumes for your marketing future. These next three months, filled with holidays galore, are sure to present some additional opportunities, so why not capitalize on it?