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  • Melody Belotte

Melody Belotte

Director of Marketing

Client turned co-worker, Melody brings a unique mix of skills and experience to the HighRock team. With degrees in Communications, Marketing, Performance Arts and Theology, she worked 10 years in the non-profit sector as Director of Marketing & Communications for the Lifehouse Church Network. There, she discovered her talent and passion for strategic marketing, and welcomed the opportunity to join the Marketing Executive team at HighRock Studios in 2014 and apply those skills to an even wider variety of clients. 

In her current role as Director of Marketing for HighRock Group, Melody sets the marketing vision of all HighRock Group companies. While each company has their own unique focus, she enjoys developing new and unexpected ways to connect with audiences across the landscape of marketing, technology and entertainment. Melody believes creativity shouldn't stop at the office though; on the weekends - whether by foot, by motorcycle, or by kayak - you can always find her family of 3 exploring new ways to have fun without WIFI.

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