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  • Melody Belotte

Melody Belotte

Marketing Executive

Client turned co-worker, Melody brings a unique mix of skills and experience to the High Rock team.  She received her Marketing and Communications degree at Xavier University, and also completed degrees in Biblical Studies and Music Performance at Cincinnati Christian University.  In her previous position, Melody was the Marketing Director for a network of churches and non-profits, so she enjoys finding new and unexpected ways to apply marketing techniques.

Other work experience includes roping cattle, writing children’s plays, music tours in Africa, welding, truck-driving, banking, and singing duets with comedian Wayne Brady of “Who’s Line is it Anyway?”  Her fun and unique resume not only gives Melody a wide range of life experience to draw from when working with clients, but also gives her an unfair advantage any time she plays the party game, "Two Truths and a Lie."

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