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Doc's Tea


Although their product was exactly the same, Doc’s Tea faced a huge challenge – rebranding their company after a name change.


The first step was creating a custom logo, around which all branded pieces revolve. Next, we designed color-coded label wraps for their tea bottles and smaller branded labels for the caps. Doc’s Tea also needed a website and our LeftBrain® platform was the perfect solution to showcase their products and their story. To round out their rebranding and expansion into new markets, we designed an eye-catching t-shirt with their new logo and tagline.

What We Did

Custom Logo Design / Label Design / LeftBrain® Website Development / T-Shirt Design

Doc's Tea logo on white background
Doc's Tea logo on dark background
Doc's Tea bottles of Island Cocoanut, Lemongrass, and mango flavors
Doc's Tea bottles of pomegranate, orange ginger, and apple cinnamon flavors
Doc's Tea bottles of elderberry blueberry and sangria flavors
Doc's Tea responsive leftbrain website
Doc's Tea Shirt Design

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