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LeftBrain® Workshop & Demo Event

Register for this LeftBrain workshop and demo event.

The Five Pillars of Stellar Web Presence: Website Design, Development and Marketing

In this article, we discuss the five pillars of web presence.

HighRock Donates LeftBrain® Website for 12 in '12 Project

HighRock announces the first of its "12 in '12" website program.

LeftBrain® Website Workshop & Demo

Join us for lunch and a presentation from HighRock President, Rich Daughtridge and LeftBrain Project Manager, Kristen Grove.

LeftBrain® Demo Success; HighRock Brings Workshop to Carroll County, MD

LeftBrain® demo in Carroll County MD, was a success.

LJ's & the Kat Lounge Launches New LeftBrain Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new LeftBrain website for Lj's & the Kat Lounge.

Responsive Design - The Future of Web Design and Development (in our opinion)

We explain why we believe responsive web design is the future.

Medulla Oblongata - Communications That Meet in the Middle

How do you make your left and right brain hemispheres communicate with one another? Check out this article to find out.

Viral Videos for Brand Awareness

Increasingly, non-traditional media are being used to effectively market organizations by generating brand awareness.

LeftBrain® Website Design Workshop & Demo Event

LeftBrain conducts website design workshop and demo event.


Upcoming Events

Middletown Valley Bank Krumpe's Donut Drop

Middletown Valley Bank presents the Krumpe's Do-nut Drop to kick off the New Year in the square of Downtown Hagerstown, complete with fireworks and live music!

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