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HighRock Expands Team and Service Offerings

HighRock is pleased to announce the expansion of our team and service offerings.

Announcing our Fall 2016 Workshop Series

Announcing our Fall 2016 Workshop Series: Marketing Experiences, Not Products.

Ryan Lampton Named President of HighRock Studios

High Rock Holdings, LLC announces Ryan Lampton as President of HighRock Studios, a full service marketing firm headquartered in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Expand Your Digital Media Terminology

Digital Media is not an easy advertising/marketing concept to understand. High Rock is here to help you learn some key terms to further your business.

Fun with Fonts

One of my favorite parts of design is selecting the perfect font for a particular piece. You may not realize it, but font selection is an art.

Marketing & PR ... What's the Difference?

Marketing and public relations each play an important role in business today – both striving to increase visibility and build your brand.

Tech Terms

Web developers have our own language – terms we use to describe various functionality.

Consistent Messaging to Build Your Brand

Important advice High Rock gives our clients is to be consistent. If you want to build brand recognition, it’s important to follow some general guidelines.

Hi Ock: The Journey Begins

The High Rock team recently had the honor of working with a local teenager to produce a video called "Hi Ock: The Journey Begins."

Upcoming Workshop: Developing a Marketing Toolkit That is Right For Your Business

Is this marketing workshop right for you? Take the quiz to find out.